Siting and Construction of a New Municipal Water Supply, Incorporating a Native Arboretum for Wellhead Protection

Date of event: August 10, 2020 6:00 – 7:15 PM    

Location address: Online Webinar

This presentation is a case study illustrating the practical and environmental issues related to siting and developing a new water supply well in the karst (limestone) terrain of Lancaster County.  Attendees will also be introduced to the Groff Memorial Park that provides well head protection for New Holland Borough’s new well.  Extensive testing, analysis, and agency approval were completed to ensure the new system will supply a reliable capacity, safely treat the groundwater, and maintain flexibility for well maintenance and wellhead protection management. The procedures and findings, supported by slides and discussion, will be presented.  The session will also show how the Park was reclaimed from previously farmed land in 1980 and converted into a native arboretum hosting 74 species of native Pennsylvania trees and shrubs.           Speakers: Jeff Bologa, P.G., Becker Engineering Charlie Miller, P.E. P.G, Blue+Green Insights Age restriction: none, but the technical content will be most appropriate for participants that are 16 years, and older. This will be a live on-line presentations by the  speakers, followed by questions from the participants. 

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